The Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail is proving that ANYTHING is possible with the construction of the first pedestrian Swing Bridge constructed in South Australia in the past 100 years!



The Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail team are delighted to have built the pedestrian Swing Bridge across the ravine in the middle of the trail. This project started off as a “pie in the sky” dream come true. After winning grant funding for $188,000, the project became a reality and the team started to work.

It’s only through the amazing generosity of volunteer Project Manager Kim Harrold that this project was a success. The engineering team at Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec designed the bridge for the trail and they worked non-stop to bring it to life. An amazing group of contractors and volunteers joined forces to get the massive steel and concrete footings into place. Many optimistic attitudes combined with sheer grunt effort can make the impossible, possible!

We hope that this bridge will bring joy and adventure to all who visit the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail. It’s been a huge project and we think it is great!