The trail itself is the first major sculpture.

We are delighted to start building a collection of sculptures along the Kangaroo Island Sculpture Trail. We anticipate that the trail will evolve over the next 5 years with the installation of Major, Minor and Donated artworks.


_DSC2151Please visit our Artist EOI page to learn more about submitting an expression of interest for contributing future artwork.

Also, should you be interested in making a financial contribution to the sculpture collection, please visit our Trailblazer Program page for more information.

Installed Sculptures:

Bev Willson, Poetry

Dave Clarke, Red Eyed Wattle Seed

Ken Law, The Watcher- Boobook Owl

Victor Waclawik, The Orchid Garden

Phil Baines, Bathed in History- Birdbath

Nicholas Uhlmann, Grounded Guardian